April 18, 2021

Last Sunday as I celebrated the 11:30am Mass, the increase in the number of the congregation warmed my heart. It was good to see so many people returning to Mass and the afternoon devotions for Mercy Sunday despite the shore notice. Thank God for Facebook. Even my friend in Chicago promoted it to his Cleveland friends who use this medium. Each week I see the numbers go up and I am happy to see this. Keep up the good work.

I continue to pray for an end to this pandemic. It will end, but all of us must do our part. This includes masks and social distancing. While such measures are distasteful, and are universally detested, yet we must do these out of respect and charity for one another. I have been told of some in church who wear the mask only to communion when I am looking. Please stop this practice. You are entitled to your opinion, but in Ohio, wearing masks in a public place is the law. The pandemic won’t go away by itself. All of us must work together to fight this. In unity there is strength. This will all end sooner if everyone plays his or her part.

On another note, I would like to express a special thanks to Anthony and Basil who have been streaming Masses and devotions for us since the pandemic began. On any given weekend, 300 or more people tune in to Mass or the other devotions that we stream from Assumption. Thank you for the positive impact you make for our parish. 

This past week, I received the happy new that Bishop Malesic gave his approval for us to commence the 1st phase of the church refurbishing. This phase includes the painting of the ceiling, refinishing of the pews with replacement of the kneelers, new flooring and carpeting in the body of the church and sacristy and choir room.

The second phase will be the enhancement of the sanctuary. This work will be performed by Henningers who gave us the best proposal at the best price. They will provide illustrations of what the finished work will look like. We thank all of you who donated to the ‘Rooted in Faith, Forward in Hope’ campaign that made the majority of the funds for this possible.

May the Risen Savior reward you for your generosity for the beautification of His House.