April 19, 2020

Without a doubt, Holy Week and Easter proved to be a different experience for all of us.  There is nothing like social distancing to engender new and creative ways of making community.  For myself, I sorely missed your physical presence at the various services of Holy Week and Easter Sunday, as well as having some of the services that were cancelled because of the events of late.  Nevertheless, I really felt your spiritual presence as I streamed daily Mass and particularly the Easter Triduum Services. I would like to express my thanks for all of you who were watching these services and taking advantage of the spiritual opportunities they provide for you, even if it is just keeping some sense of normalcy at a time like this.

I would like to express my thanks for all of your comments and suggestions, but especially to Tony Coluntuono who streams the daily Mass and Basil Pinzone who, with his video equipment, made available for us the Way of the Cross Devotions for the adults as well as for the children of the parish. The Children’s Stations featured the doors inside St. Albert at Assumption decorated as each station on the Way of the Cross. These lent lovely scenery to this prayer experience. 

Most especially I would like to thank all of you who remembered to support our parish during this trying time. This helps immensely to keep us on track financially which, unfortunately, is a necessary part of parish life not only at Assumption, but in all faith communities. Please continue to help us the best way you can and we will also do our best to help you in any way that is possible.

The Altar/Rosary did a fine job of making our church festive for Easter, and Dave Bird provided music for the streaming during Holy Week and Easter We thank them for sharing their talents with us.  Thanks also for all those who sent cards, letters and gifts to Fr. Louis and me for Easter. It is always a great thing to hear from you.

Today is Mercy Sunday. Please tune in to the Facebook Page and the Website for Divine Mercy Devotions.  These are pre-taped so you can watch it whenever you have a chance.  Whether you watch these or not, please offer some prayers for the Mercy of God in this time of pandemic. We are not praying enough. We need to call down the Mercy of God because only He can remedy this situation.  Take some time and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet or any other prayer to the Divine Mercy. 

Prayer is very powerful if we but use it.