August 8, 2021

It is an ancient tradition in the Church to commemorate saints on the anniversary of their death because that was the day in which they were born into eternal life. We celebrate the same reality in our funeral liturgies and on the anniversaries of the death of our own loved ones. In Mary’s case, her birthday into eternal life has been celebrated on August 15th for approximately 1500 years.

Throughout most of this time, the Christian faithful believed that both Mary’s body and soul were taken up into glory. This is the same glory that we believe all Christians await on the last day. Her perfect cooperation with God in their lifetime and her honored place as mother of the Messiah made her the first to enjoy the fullness of the Resurrection. In answer to a century of calls to proclaim this belief as a doctrine of the Church, Pope Pius XII made Mary’s Assumption as doctrine in 1950. 

As Mary in the mystery of her Assumption is the patroness of our parish, we will celebrate in a special way. We cordially invite all of you to take part in the celebration. Come and join in the procession in Mary’s honor, in the Mass at 4:00pm and the enthronement of Our Blessed Mother after the Mass. There will also be the Blessing of Flowers at the 4:00pm Mass on August 14. Bring flowers to place by the image of Our lady Assumed into Heaven. 

Let us pray that our Heavenly Mother extends her loving care upon us as a parish; that we may grow closer to her Son, Jesus each and every day and receive blessings on our families.