December 18, 2022

It is well known that a celebration is good only to the degree that it is prepared for. This is especially true in the spiritual realm of life which, in our business, we often place on the back burner, as it 
were. Please remember to prepare spiritually for the coming of Christ at Christmas. Notice in the Mass schedule and in the Calendar Events the extra times offered for the reception of the 
Sacrament of Reconciliation. Also, please notice that the Mass schedule for Christmas Day, next Sunday, differs from other Sundays in that: 1.) there are 2 vigil Masses, 4:00 and 6:00pm and a 
Mass at Midnight, 12:00am and 2.) there is no 6:00pm Mass on Christmas or New Year’s Day.

Tomorrow I celebrate my 24th Anniversary of Ordination to the Holy Priesthood. Measuring this against the great scheme of things, it doesn’t seem all that significant or that long a time. Yet in that 
short time I have been graced with many blessings and undeserved favors. These have been full years for me. If there is one thing that I have learned, it is how operative God’s grace is in our everyday lives and that it is only by this grace that we are able to reach our fullest potential as the people God wants us to be. As I pass this milestone in ministry, I thank you for sharing the journey with me these past twenty-four years. It is a privilege serving you as your pastor and I seek your prayers for me on this special day so that God’s grace in me will bear much fruit for the day when Jesus comes again.

Speaking of Jesus’ coming, Advent is drawing to a close and Christmas is soon here. We took time to buy into what the secular culture’s version of Christmas is with all the busyness of shopping, 
cleaning, and baking. By now most of us are tired out. During the Christmas season, take a few moments to stop and allow the Newborn Jesus to speak to you. Take time for prayer during this 
Holy Time. Silence on a Christmas evening is wonderful if we only make the effort to capture it. Remember to celebrate Christmas with Christ. Make these more than just happy holidays, make this a truly blessed Christmas.

On behalf of the staff of Assumption Parish, please accept my sincere wishes for a Blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with God’s choicest blessings. 

May the Newborn Savior bestow his peace, love and grace in your homes and families.