December 26, 2021

I know that I join Father Louis and Deacon Dave when I thank all those who blessed us with cards and gifts this Christmas season.  It humbles us immensely to receive such statements of affection from you. Be assured of our prayers for you and your families 
throughout the New Year. 

Many people came together to make Christmas at Assumption special this year. We thank the ladies of the Altar & Rosary Society and the Knights of Columbus for decorating the church, those who contributed to the flower fund and the donations our eighth grade class of St. Albert the great at Assumption Academy from their Poinsettia Sale to make these decorations possible, the music ministry under the direction of our talented Director David Bird who spent hours of rehearsal time to provide us with the lovely music for the Christmas Masses, and all those who helped in any way by lending your time and talent. We would also like to thank the students and parents of the PSR Program for providing cookies to the homebound parishioners and nursing homes in our parish boundaries. May the Newborn Savior bless your homes and families with all his grace and love. 

Almost immediately after celebrating the Birth of Jesus, the Church places him in the context of a family by celebrating the Feast of the Holy Family. This observance impresses on us the fact that the Son of God became like us in all things except sin—even becoming part of a human family. It also invites and challenges us to look at our own families to see what we can do to improve our relationship with them. There are many broken families that often stem from tragic situations. Those who are part of situations like this need our prayers and support, not our judgement and condemnation.  Family life is important because it is the basic building block of society. When family life suffers, society suffers as well. To raise a family takes dedication and effort and is a vocation that entails much responsibility. Everyone need to do their part to nurture and sustain family life. Families should pray together and spend time as a family. There is nothing that edifies me more than when I see families assisting at Mass together. Family time is time well-spent.  This is an investment that lasts and pays eternal dividends. 

All families of Assumption Parish are in my prayers this special day. 
May the Holy Family and their virtues be the hallmark of your homes and families.