February 26, 2023

During the Lenten Season, Assumptions presents ways and means to provide spiritual growth during this holy season.

The Way of the Cross Devotions are held each Wednesday with the exception of Ash Wednesday and the Evening of Confession on March 8th.

Fr. Michael Brunovsky, OSB, from St. Andrew Abbey will deliver a series of Lenten Lectures: March 15th - The Shroud of Turin: Revelation of the Crucifixion March 22nd – The Resurrection of Christ and the Mystery of the Empty Tomb March 29th – The Apocalypse and Its Meaning for the Modern Christian Do your best to take advantage of these opportunities for Spiritual Enrichment.

I would like to thank all of you who took time to participate in the Parish Mission conducted by Fr. Joseph Tuscan, OFM Cap. Father possesses a wealth of experiences that he shared with us as a means of reacquainting us with Spiritual Truths that we may have let slip in the busyness of life or, perhaps have never encountered. We offer Fr. Joseph our thanks and prayers that his future ministry will prove to be fruitful and bring many souls to Christ.

Many thanks to all who made donations or pledges to the Catholic Charities Annual Appeal. The funds you provide by your generosity go a long way to bring help to many people. May the Lord bless you for your kindness; when you care for God’s poor, God takes care of you!

I will offer my personal reflections on Abbot Christopher in next week’s column.