January 2, 2022

Epiphany is a word that means many things to different people.  If you ask the average Catholic what the Epiphany is, they would say that it’s the day the Three Kings came to visit Jesus.  For our brothers and sisters in the Byzantine Rite, it is the day our Lord was baptized in the Jordan.  Officially speaking, Epiphany commemorates both of these events, and so much more.

Epiphany means manifestation or appearance, and so when we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord, we are celebrating the appearance of our Lord Jesus to all the nations represented in the persons of the three magi.  Because the Epiphany entails a majestic appearance, the Church sees three main events in the life of Jesus whereby he revealed his glory and majesty to the world; the visit of the Magi, which we celebrate today or on January 6th in other places, the Baptism of Jesus which we will celebrate next Sunday, and the wedding feast of Cana where Jesus performed his first miracle of changing water into wine.

While there are historical events, Jesus still manifests himself today in our own day and age.  The wise men followed the star that led them to Christ.  How good are we at following the signs of the times that lead us to Christ?  There is a saying “Wise men still seek him.”  We see this on t-shirts, posters, jewelry and the like.  Would we be those wise men and seek Christ by following the signs of the times that point the way to him

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