January 22, 2023

Lent is approaching, and with it our Fabulous Fish Fries. Already, people are hard at work making the various pierogi and fillings. I know that any assistance given to these fine people would be most welcome. Pierogi are made Monday and Wednesday mornings from 8:00am till about 1:00pm, as well as Thursday evening from 6:00pm[1]8:00pm. Help is also needed for the Fridays in Lent when the Fish Fries will be held. Just come to the kitchen ready to lend a hand. We sincerely thank all those who came to help last Monday and Wednesday. It’s the real ‘shot in the arm’ that we need. Keep up the good work!! Also, we are in need of bread coupons so that we can purchase the bread we need for the fish fries. Many people use the bread coupons from their Entertainment books. If you can spare these, we would deeply appreciate them. Just drop them in the collection basket at Sunday Mass. Thank you for your help.

Today, is the 50th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the landmark court decision which legalized abortion and which was overturned last year in the Supreme Court. Those who have prayed, wrote their congress[1]men and demonstrated so persistently these last 50 years are to be commended for their herculean efforts. Let us not forget to pray for the millions of unborn babies whose lives were lost as a result of this decision and that all life will be respected from conception to natural death, especially in our State of Ohio. Each First Saturday of the month, there is a Mass and Rosary for Life at St. Andrew Abbey, 2900 Martin Luther King Drive. As the Ohio Legislature decides on abortion rights in the near future, please remember that these are people who cannot speak for themselves and are utterly defenseless. If we will not speak on their behalf, who will? Please pray that life be respected from conception to natural death.

This Sunday at Assumption we are observing Stewardship Sunday. Stewardship means the care we take of things we value. We value our parish enough to commit to membership and support. Please fill out the commitment forms either online or in the pews or at the entrances of the church. This assists us in maintaining our records. As you do this, perhaps this is a time to become involved in 1 or more of our ministries. Our parish will be vibrant and great only if we ourselves make it so. Thank you for all you do for Assumption.