January 24, 2021

Tomorrow we conclude the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, and I would like to dwell on the Spirituality of Communion which this observance tries to engender.  In his epistles, St. Paul speaks most appropriately of you and I being members of the Mystical Body of Christ.  In an ingenious metaphor, St. Paul compares the Church to a human body with Christ as head and you and I, who are the Church, to the various members of that body.  For the body to be healthy, all the members must work together, each fulfilling his particular function as the situations of life dictate.  So it is with the members of the Church.  All of us must work together if the church is to have any vibrancy and relevance.

This unity is not just in action; it must stem from the heart, becoming part of our basic spiritual makeup.  God works as a Trinity of persons, three equal persons in one eternal God.  By our Baptisms, we participate in the very like of the Trinity.  We are of our nature meant to be communal.  It is selfishness which eats away at this nature.  This selfishness makes us forget that we live in the presence of a loving God who cares for all our needs and loves us as we are while encouraging us to become the people he calls us to be.

If we were only to stop and consider the implications of being called to share in the Life of the Trinity, how differently we would approach each situation; how differently we would treat one another.  The good news is — we can!!!

This week, take some time and consider how you are in the presence of our loving God.  When you wake, thank God for the beautiful day.  If you’re in the car and someone lets you in the lane you desire, thank God for that.  If you get through a rough day, thank God for his guidance that got you through it.  Each day’s Examination of Conscience should include this type of exercise.  When we do, our observances become less servile because love fuels them.  Make a difference in your life.  Practice the presence of God in your life.  Share in the life of grace which is your by baptism.