January 8, 2023

The Church’s name for this day, Epiphany, means ‘to reveal’ or ‘make visible’. The child Jesus is not honored by his own people, but by wise men, strangers from afar. Only Matthew’s Gospel tells the story, and pious legends have added details over the centuries. The Jews hoped for a Messiah, God’s Anointed One, to deliver them from sin and from their enemies. Yet here, God’s son is revealed to the Gentiles, people like us who are seeking a savior. We expected Jesus in Advent; we celebrated his birth at Christmas. In this New Year what gifts will we give him in return? Resolutions often include a decision to work off the extra weight gained from too much celebrating. All well and good but why not do something extra for those you love and for your community? Show the love of God that is in your heart, or as St. Francis of Assisi is thought to have said, “Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use words.” As the wise men brought Jesus their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, so the Newborn Savior gifts us with new found faith and hope as he manifests himself to the world.

I know I join Fr. Louis and Fr. Finbar when I thank all those who blessed us with cards and gifts for the Christmas Season. It humbles us immensely to receive such statements of affection from you. Be assured of our prayers for you and your families throughout the New Year.

Many people came together to make Christmas at Assumption special this year. We thank the Ladies of the Altar & Rosary Society and men from the Knights of Columbus for decorating the church, those who contributed to the flower fund to make these decorations possible, the music ministry under the direction of David Bird who spent hours of rehearsal time to provide us with lovely music for the Christmas Masses, and all those who helped in any way by using your time and your talent.

May the New-born Savior bless your homes and families with his grace and his love.