July 11, 2021

Today we celebrate the Feast of St. Benedict, the father of Western Monasticism.  This is the feast celebrated by the Universal Church and commemorates the transfer of St. Benedict’s remains from Monte Cassino, where he lived to Fleury because Monte Cassino was being sacked by the Lombards.

More important for us, however, is the good example Benedict gives of how to live in the service of God’s will.  As I write this column, I think of how great an influence the Benedictines have had on my life.  From St. Vincent in Latrobe to St. Andrew Abbey here in Cleveland I have been blessed with many and varied examples of dedication in God’s service.  I thank God every day for the great gift he has given me in my vocation as a Benedictine since I made vows 29 years ago on July 3rd and when I first came into contact with Benedictine education 39 years ago.

July 11th was also the traditional day for many years when monks would profess their vows.  We wish them a happy anniversary and offer them and all Benedictines our prayers that they may be faithful to the commitment they made to serve God and His people.