July 12, 2020

This past week, St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy received the good news that they placed fourth out of one hundred small businesses in Northeast Ohio as best places to work. This is a good testimony to how well the academy is led by Mr. Richard Kaliszewski, our principal, and the good rapport between students, faculty and staff that gives our academy its vitality. Hats off for a job well done!

After a good 28 years, our parking facilities received a complete overhaul.  There was patching over the years, of course, but after a while, the patches weren’t doing it anymore.  In the process of repaving, three catch basins were rebuilt and reinforced so they are like new.  As I announced, the entire proceeds from the parish picnic and raffle will defray the cost of this capital project that was so necessary.  So please purchase and sell raffle tickets. Every penny helps.

The months we have been suffering with the COVID-19 virus has tested all of us in one form or another; some to our limits.  Through it all, you have not forgotten our parish but have continued to make room for us in your already strained budgets.  I would like to express my profound gratitude for all the efforts you made to continue your support of Assumption Parish.  Without your generosity, we could never accomplish the things that we can.  May God who is never outdone in generosity reward you for your generous kindness.