July 24, 2022

As we near the month of August, many of our programs experience new beginnings. One such program is RCIA.  The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the vehicle by which those who wish to be baptized, wishing to join the Catholic Church, or those wishing to learn more about their faith can pursue these goals.  Here at Assumption, we are accepting names of those interested in becoming part of the RCIA Program, both as inquirers and as part of the team that makes the presentations.  The instructions are conducted in an easy to understand, discussion format.  Interested parties can call Fr. Louis at 440 526-1177 ext. 220.

As July ends, the Church honors my favorite couple: SS. Joachim and Anne, the parents of our Blessed Lady.  An aged couple, they put their trust in God’s promise that they would bear a child, and O how wonderfully that promise reached its fulfillment: the Blessed Virgin Mary was born!  As we live presently in the midst of uncertainty, especially the fear of COVID-19, the lives of saints like Joachim and Anne teaches us that God still keeps his promises and that God wants us to experience happiness and fulfillment in life by following God’s plan for us.

St. Anne is also the mother of the sick who place themselves under her intercession.  Perhaps a prayer to her during this time of pandemic will help us to experience the power of her prayer for us. 

Here is a prayer one might say:

O Good Saint Anne, so justly called the mother of the sick, the health of those who suffer from disease, look kindly upon the sick persons for whom I pray.  Alleviate their sufferings: cause them to sanctify their sufferings by patience and by complete submission to the will of God.  Finally, deign to obtain health for them, and with it their firm resolution to honor Jesus, Mary, and thyself, by the faithful performance of their Christian duties.  Amen