July 5, 2020

In a few weeks, Premier Paving will be performing extensive work on the parking facilities here at Assumption.  Some years ago, numerous patches were made to the surface, most of which have disintegrated with the weather and traffic placed upon them.  The work that Premier Paving will perform includes the rebuilding of several portions of our parking lot, most particularly the catch basin on the north side of the church that is badly sunken in, as well as quite a few deep potholes.  The cost of the work is $77,000.00, and we will be using the proceeds of the Raffle to assist in meeting this expense.  So I would like to make this appeal to you: when your raffle tickets arrive, please consider the good that is being accomplished with these funds and lend us your support by purchasing the tickets or selling them to your friends and relatives.  The more tickets sold the better it is for everyone; for you, because the more tickets you have along with the bonus tickets you can earn, the more chance you have to be a winner; for the parish community, a smooth, safe surface on which to park your cars and trucks.

As I write this column, I notice that there is just over a month left before our parish picnic.  Behind the scenes, much is being done in preparation for this great event.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the festivities will be limited.  However, Mary in her glorious Assumption has been so good to us and, as is traditional, we will pay her our tribute during the festivities.

The procession with the image of the Blessed Virgin will begin with the Entrance Procession of the Mass at 4:00pm on Saturday afternoon, August 15th, the actual Feast of the Assumption.  Confessions on Saturday afternoon will be held as usual.

On Sunday afternoon from 3:30-7:00pm there will be a drive through ice-cream social with the raffle drawing at 7:30pm on the south side of the church.  The particulars will be posted in the future.

To make this event a success, we need your help.  With everyone working together, God will bless our efforts at celebrating the protection of Mary that we enjoy as a parish.  Thank you for all the help you’ve given thus far.



Premier Paving, a local company, has been selected from the bids to resurface our entire parking lot including all the driveways.  The prep work has begun by removing the parking lot blocks from the area.

First, the milling of the areas will begin at the South Side of the facility (by the Old Church) and move North towards the Convent.  This will take approximately 4-5 days.  You will be able to drive on it until the paving starts.

Secondly, after the cleaning of the surface area, the paving will proceed in the same manner, beginning at the South Side and proceeding North towards the Convent.  During the paving time, we will require some modifications to the entrance and exits.  Most of the work will be completed during the weekdays as to not impact the traffic for our weekend Mass schedule.

We will be posting signs during the entire project to assist.  Please excuse the inconvenience; however, the finished product will be such an improvement over the current conditions.