June 13, 2021

The month of June brings with it many celebrations. Weddings and graduations make up just a part of the many reasons families gather to celebrate and make pleasant memories.

We also celebrate something very great in the month of June that is with us every day and never passes. This is the love that continually flows from the Sacred Heart of Jesus. When we think of the Sacred Heart, we usually think of First Friday and reparation for sins committed.  While this is the purpose of the Nine First Fridays, the Benedictine orientation to the Sacred Heart brings us into a much deeper and intimate devotion to Jesus’ love for us.  For St. Gertrude the Great and St. Mechtilde, both Benedictines, the Heart of Jesus was the wellspring of all love and grace to which all in need could find solace and refuge.  What is important here is that Jesus himself takes the initiative to love us first.  Our devotion and reparation is our loving response.

If it were not Sunday, we would celebrate the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua.  Most, if not all of us, know him as the saint who helps us when things are lost or stolen. “St. Anthony, come around. Something is lost and can’t be found.” we say so often.  It seems that he always comes through for us. Perhaps we can ask this great saint for things that become lost that we cannot see or touch.  It might be a lost faith, or composure in a trying situation or a lost confidence in oneself because of setbacks, failures or what have you.  There is something inviting about the image of St. Anthony holding the Christ Child that draws us to seek his intercession. Let’s take some time to pay tribute to this beloved saint who accomplishes so much for so many people. St. Anthony, pray for us!