June 20, 2021

Congratulations!  Once again we as a parish have met and exceeded our share for the Catholic Charities Annual Appeal.  Together as a community, we contributed $136,445.00 which is a great assist in lifting people up who would otherwise have no place to turn.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of those who will be put on the right track through your generosity.

Just a little note on the reception of Communion during our church repairs.  When receiving Communion, please use the aisle between the main aisle and the aisle nearest the windows to approach the altar and receive the Eucharist.  When you have received, use the aisles by the windows and the main aisle (the aisle with the scaffolding on it) to return to your pews.  Thank you for your cooperation.

As we celebrate Father’s Day today, I would like to wish all fathers in the parish a very happy and blessed day.  Fatherhood is a sublime vocation because with it comes the responsibility to sustain and educate the children entrusted to your care.  Fathers, remember to pray each day the graces you need to fulfill your responsibilities well.  Let us also remember our deceased fathers and pray that the Lord may reward them for their labor and sacrifices on our behalf.

“Happy and Blessed Father’s Day!”