June 7, 2020

Although God is the supreme being who made all things, as the Catechism tells us, this does not mean that God is an impersonal force who stands aloof from our everyday lives and the world he has created. God lives and acts in relationship as a community of three equal persons in one eternal God. This is what we celebrate when we the Church observe Trinity Sunday. Because any exact explanation of the Trinity fails us, it is one of the great mysteries of our faith to which we must submit in belief and awe. Yet the most effective way to try and grasp what the Trinity means is to see it as a deep relationship of love. God the Father and God the son love one another so much that the Holy Spirit is formed from their intense love. This love, of course, is the total self-giving of each person to the other. We are initiated into the life of the Trinity at Baptism, it is sealed with the reception of the Holy Spirit at Confirmation, and it is strengthened each time we receive Jesus in the Eucharist. I would like to take this opportunity to express my congratulations and best wishes to all those who are graduates in our parish. Whether it be from St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy, Brecksville –Broadview Heights, North Royalton, or from University and graduate school, you worked extra hard to be where you are now, especially this year. This past Monday, June 1st, St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy had their virtual graduation as others schools are doing in this pandemic. May the Holy Spirit guide you to the path of success in all your future endeavors. This coming week, Fr. Louis and I will be on the St. Andrew Abbey community retreat at Loyola of the Lakes Retreat House in Green. Fr. Joseph Mecir will have Mass each day at 8:30 a.m. in church. This Mass will also be streamed. In order that Fr. Mecir does not have to worry about the traveling of germs during Communion, I ask that everyone without exception receive Communion in the hand. This is just for this 1 week while Fr. Louis and I are away. This is an issue here at Assumption where the rectory is getting 2 or 3 complaints each day of people who are afraid because of people receiving on the tongue who intersperse themselves with those receiving in the hand. I am told that other parishes will not give Communion on the tongue at all. I don’t know how true this is. We try to accommodate everyone. While Fr. Louis and I are present, all those receiving on the tongue please come to communion after those in the hand. This is not to punish you, but if all of you are in one group it makes it easier for Fr. Louis and myself to minster to you and everyone in church can feel safe. From June 8th -12th please receive in the hand only in courtesy to Fr. Mecir. Thank you for your cooperation. It was wonderful seeing those who came to Mass this past weekend. There was a lot to get used to, but you did a fine job of accommodating the various conditions for church re-opening. Thanks for your patience, tolerance, and cooperation. Thanks especially to those who continue their support of our parish during these times. May God reward you for your kindness and generosity.