March 12, 2023

Often in my conversations with people, I hear them speak of a lot that is wrong with their lives. From their health to problems on the job, it seems we spend much energy dwelling on the situ

ations that are less than ideal. At times this can consume us with the unfortunate result that we become devoid of the energy needed to find a resolution to these situations.

In times like these, we tend to forget that there are a lot of blessings in our lives. We get so caught up in the misfortune that we often fail to recognize them and put them to good use. These blessings include the gifts and talents that we have been given as well as skills that we have developed over the years. By making the effort to draw on these, we gain a certain confidence which, in some cases, may set our minds working to either find a resolution to the problem we face or at least find a way of reconciling ourselves with the situation.

Lent as a time of conversion and self-reflection provides an excellent opportunity for us to change our way of thinking and our outlook on life. What gifts and blessings have I been given that I haven’t thought about in a while? Does my outlook on life need a lift? Take time this Lent and beyond for an attitude adjustment with positive results. You will see the difference. It’s worth the effort.

The season of Lent is also a time of sharing the good things which bless our lives with others. In your pews you will notice envelopes which are earmarked for the various needs of the people of the Diocese of Henche, Haiti. These include fresh, clean water for drinking and cooking, goats for food, as well as rice and beans, staples of the Haitian diet, farm implements, as well as items for the parish church and rectory. Even on the most austere fast day, we know that we will end it with a meal. When we need something, it is usually readily available to us. Theirs is quite a different story. The good news is that we can help. What we give goes a long way for the people of Haiti. I know that whatever you can give will be deeply appreciate.