March 14, 2021

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all those who made pledges or donations to the 2021 Catholic Charities Campaign. By your generosity, you provide substance to hundreds of charitable health and human services programs that lift people out of helpless situations and restore hope and promise to hundreds of 

Also, please remember the poor in Haiti which is the focus of our parish Lenten almsgiving. Much is needed to be done to raise these people up, including the establishment of a Catholic school for education, water treatment & improved agricultural methods, the purchase of goats for milk & meat, and needed repairs to the church building.  Envelopes are in your packets for the purpose of contributing to this effort. Thanks many times over for keeping God’s poor in our minds & hearts this Lenten Season. 

During the Lenten Season, please remember and make every effort to participate in the various opportunities for prayer, especially our Wednesday ‘Way of the Cross’ Devotions and ‘Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament’ on Fridays at 3:00pm. This is a wonderful way to set a prayerful, reflective tone to this sacred season and bring us the grace and need to keep our Lenten resolutions. Remember we must perform our Easter Duty of Confession and Communion from the First Sunday of Lent until Trinity Sunday. During the pandemic you have the whole year to satisfy this. Please make use of the opportunities offered to fulfill this obligation. 

Central to the Lenten Season are whose who are preparing themselves to receive the Sacrament of Initiation at the Easter Vigil. Lent is a time of intense preparation for them, while for us who are the baptized, it should be a time of sincere prayer for them. Pope Frances has declared a special year to honor St. Joseph, the spouse of Mary and the Foster-father of Jesus. In his honor, there will be Novena Prayers after the 8:30am Masses on week-days & the 9:30am Mass on Sunday in preparation of his Feast, which is on 
March 19. On the evening of March 19 there will be a Mass in the Extraordinary Form to observe the Feast of St. Joseph. As we are now close to a year with the COVID-19 pandemic, please remember to WEAR YOUR MASK IN CHURCH, OVER BOTH YOUR MOUTH & NOSE. This is a way that all of us can help arrest the spread of this disease. We respect and show charity when we do this. There are some who refuse to wear a mask, or put it on only when I happen to be looking. If we are in church, we must be 
masked. We cannot think that because there are vaccines now, things are OK. It takes more than the vaccine to stop this, we all must work together to fight this. That is how we will be blessed with good results in this situation.