May 2, 2021

In our secular culture we celebrate holidays in advance or only on the day itself, but as soon as the holiday passes we move on to other things.  The Church takes quite a different approach.  We prepare for major feasts in a subdued fashion, but then the celebration of the feast itself is prolonged over a period of time.  The more important the feast, the longer the celebration.  Thus Easter, our most important observance, is celebrated for fifty days, longer than any other feast in the calendar.  The Great Fifty Days, as it is sometimes called, is observed as a single feast, although it is punctuated by specific celebrations that stretch from Easter Sunday through Pentecost Sunday.

During the Easter season the Church places before us Scriptures which talk about the life of the Risen Lord that we experience in the sacraments of Christian Initiation.  Just as Lent is initiatory in character, so is the Easter season as well.  The RCIA terms this the Period of Post-Baptismal Catechesis or Mystagogy.  During this time those who received Easter sacraments are to be instructed on the deeper meaning of what they received at Easter Vigil.  Although the catechesis is ostensibly directed to the newly initiated, in fact this is an annual “refresher course” for the entire assembly regard-ing the meaning of their life as baptized disciples of the Risen One.

The Easter season is almost a most fitting time for the conferral of Sacraments of Initiation on those who are already baptized onto the Catholic Church as infants.  Here at Assumption, the reception of First Communion was on April 24th.  It is important that we keep in our prayers those who will be receiving these sacraments as well as who are assisting them in preparation by instructing them.  May the good example we give to these young men and women be the inspiration for them to live fully the life of faith they are entering more deeply into by the sacraments they are receiving.

May is also the Month of our Heavenly Mother Mary.  Please remember to participate in our Parish May Crowning tomorrow, May 3rd at 6:30pm.  Try to honor Our Lady each day during this special month dedicated to her.