May 29, 2022

Today we celebrate the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus into heaven. This wondrous event in the life of Jesus took place 40 days after his resurrection on Mount Olivet in the presence of his apostles.  After spending 40 days reassuring his apostles that he indeed was risen from the dead in the body, he departs to heaven from where he came as the Son of God in the Incarnation to take on our human nature and accomplish our salvation.

From the mount, he empowers the apostles to continue his work by teaching all nations and baptizing them in the name of the Most Holy Trinity.  From that time forward, the Church had always been missionary by her nature, bringing people to their heavenly destiny through the sacraments and her teaching of the Word of God.  To reassure them, Christ promised to be with them always until the end of time and sent the Holy Spirit as a fulfillment of this promise.

As we continue Christ’s work in the 21st century, Jesus keeps his promise and is with us spiritually and sacramentally, equipping us with all the graces to be his ambassadors within our lives’ circumstances.  May we avail ourselves of these graces so that, by our words and actions we may be good heralds for Christ and bring others closer to him.

This weekend is Memorial Day, we pay special tribute to those who have given the supreme sacrifice for the freedom we enjoy as a nation.  While we begin the summer season with cookouts and festivities, let us not forget that freedom comes with a very dear price and thus should not be allowed to be tossed away lightly.  Let us thank God for the men and women who fought for us as well as those who continue to fight for freedom.  God bless America!!  Blessings and happiness to you this Memorial Day weekend.

This Wednesday St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy graduates its eighth grade class.  We extend our best wishes for success as they journey to high school and pray that the faith we nurtured in them the past 9 years they were with us may continue to grow and shape their lives.  We also extend best wishes to those graduating from high school and college.