May 7, 2023

Christian recognizes that in Jesus Christ he is linked with all of history and is in communion with all people. The history of salvation is being accomplished amid the history of the world. By this history God fulfills His plan, and thus the People of God, that is, “the whole Christ” is being perfected in time.

Jesus Christ gave himself for us in his passion that he might redeem us from sin and cleanse for himself a people pleasing to God. He then poured out on his people the spirit of adoption by making them children of God. In this way he made in himself a new people, filled with the grace of God. United with Jesus, the new people of God are “the whole Christ”. He offers them to his Father and gives him glory. This is the aim of his Father’s plan for our salvation. We who are redeemed have Christ as our Head who, having won a name which is above all names, reigns in glory in heaven.

I would like to express my thanks to all who were involved in making our Parish ‘May Crowning’ the beautiful evening it was. Despite the damp, rainy cold outside, the warmth of love for Our Heavenly Mother was definitely felt. May God reward you for your devotion to Mary, the Queen of May.