May 8, 2022

Almost instantly when we think of the month of May, our thoughts turn to Mother’s Day and the honor, respect and gratitude that we owe to them for all the sacrifices they made on our behalf.  It is only natural to honor those who were part of our lives from the very beginning of them—in fact, this is the first gift they gave us.  Motherhood is a great vocation, and mothers and their children gift each other: mothers gift their children by their care, concern, guidance and support.  This is especially true in the spiritual realm.  Parents are the first teachers of their children in the ways of faith.  How many of us, myself included, remember learning our prayers at our mother’s knee, being taken to Mass, and learning what we needed to know to prepare us to receive First Communion and Confirmation?  It is more than coincidental that Mother’s Day is within the month when we honor the Virgin Mary.  Let her be our guide as mothers—may her virtues of humility, purity, and obedience to God’s will be the gifts we impart to our children.

Speaking on behalf of the parish staff, I would like to wish all the mothers of Assumption a very Blessed and Happy Mother’s Day.  May the Good Lord reward you for all the good you do for your children and bless you with his love and grace.