November 1, 2020

Today we interrupt the ordinary sequence of Sundays to celebrate the feast of All Saints.  As our faith teaches us, the saints are those who are in heaven.  We, then, have no idea just how many saints there are. The Book of revelation states that there are 144,000 people in heaven.  What St. John, the author the Book of Revelation, is trying to tell us is that there are a countless number of citizens in the heavenly kingdom.  Perhaps our deceased loved ones are among that number.  Isn’t that our ardent hope and prayer for all of them?

However, this celebration goes far beyond this.  Among God’s People there is a certain relationship between those in heaven—the Church Triumphant, we on earth—the Church Militant, and those in Purgatory—the Church Suffering. Those in each of these churches can assist one another through prayer and good works.  We call this the Communion of Saints. It is this relationship and the network of charity that is such a part of it that we celebrate when we observe the Feast of All Saints.

The day after, November 2, we commemorate the Faithful Departed or All Souls. These are those who, not being quite ready to meet God face to face, must undergo some purification before that great moment. Perhaps some of our relatives are in this state. We can assist them by our Masses, prayers and good works applied for their benefit.

Masses on All Soul’s Day are 6:30 and 8:30am and 7:00pm.

Let’s do our part to hasten the day when our loved ones can enjoy their heavenly reward.

Pope Francis has extended the traditional indulgences for All Soul’s Day.  One can visit a cemetery and pray for the Faithful Departed for the whole month of November farther than for just 8 days. Also, one can say, 1 Our Father, Hail Mary and Eternal rest wherever they are without having to do this in a church for a Plenary Indulgence that remits all temporal punishment due to sin. One must still have confession and Holy Communion to gain this indulgence.

This Tuesday is Election Day.  It is our civic duty to vote.  Please remember that you are a Catholic wherever you are, so please ask the Holy Spirit to assist you in your voting. Pray before going to vote that the candidates with God’s vision for our nation may win.
We are one nation under God.  Let us remember that when we vote.