November 20, 2022

As we celebrate ‘Thanksgiving Day’ this Thursday, it is important to take the time to remember all the benefits we enjoy from a good and loving God.  Even lives marred by misfortune, if they put forth enough effort, can find something good for which to thank God.  What follows is a litany that may help us enumerate God’s blessing in our lives. The response is: We thank you, loving Father.

† For one another’s faith in Christ, a life-long and eternal blessing—a gift from God.

† For all the work we have done out of love, and the hope we have in Jesus Christ—a gift from God.

† For all the members of our families and friends, and those who mediate the presence of Christ to us—a gift from God.

† For all the people we know who are better than we are, so that we can be inspired by their example—a gift from God.

† For our great American heritage, and those who fight to protect it—a gift from God.

† For the wealth of our great country, for the comforts and all benefits we enjoy—a gift from God.

† For our many talents, and our right to laugh, play, speak, write, think and pray as the Spirit inspires us—a gift from God.

This Thanksgiving, take the time to put first things first.  Celebrate the Eucharist with us at 9:00am on Thanksgiving morning. Take a few moments to remember just how gifted we are.

The parish staff of Assumption wishes you and your family a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving weekend.  We express our thanks to you for all you do to make Assumption a vibrant parish family.

God bless you!