October 11, 2020

Among the many observances marked in the month of October is that of the Missions—Foreign and Home Missions.  All over the world, especially in the Third World Countries on the continents of Africa, Asia and South America, there are those who have never heard God’s saving Words or partook of the riches that stem from the sacramental life of the Church.

Once a year, we as a parish are asked to host a missionary who makes an appeal for the support of his or her community’s work in the mission lands.  The third Sunday of October, however, the Universal Church asks us to remember that we as Church are by nature missionary and thus we are to pray for and support the Church’s missionary work through-out the world.

As a means of support, the Church asks us to take up a special collection for the missions on the third Sunday of October— next Sunday.  Thus, the Human Care Collection will be taken the fourth Sunday.  Also, include some prayer for the Church’s missionary work and for those working in mission lands—not only in third world countries but also in the home missions—those parts of the USA that see a priest only sporadically.  We here in the Cleveland area have it nice with the number of priests to serve us.  Many places do not have it as good as we.  Pray the Mission Rosary where each decade is dedicated to prayer for a mission continent.  Remember, the Church is by its nature missionary—and we are the Church.