October 16, 2022

As we celebrate the Holy Rosary this month.  Let us pray for hearts to be converted, those who fail to value life as well as those who find themselves degrading the sanctity of human life because they can see no other resolution.  As the rosary extols the life of Jesus, so may we who offer this prayer to our Blessed Lady value life and promote its dignity in our attitudes and practices, both social and economic.  Let us also pray for all poor sinners, that their hardened hearts may be penetrated by the love of Christ so that they may imitate him in their words and actions.

This October is a good time to include the Rosary in our devotional program, especially with all that has been going on in our nation and our world.  In our world, we see many countries in strife, especially Syria with the civil war raging, Iran with the threat of the development and stockpiling of nuclear weaponry, and many nations who are under totalitarian governments where people’s rights are disregarded in favor of the political agenda of a dominant political group.  In our nation, we see the threatened government shutdown a sad reality, our legislators unable to come to a resolution on many issues, and public morals eroding day by day.

Our Lady tells us that the sure way to peace is through prayer and sacrifice.  This peace is not just the absence of war, but the removal of the injustices that are the cause of war in the first place.  Prayer and sacrifice removes the individual selfishness that promotes injustice.  When people practice charity which is the result of prayer and sacrifice, this grows so that people as a whole learn to put their own interests aside in favor of what is good for everyone in light of God’s Law.  Nations look for the most powerful weapons of war and spend millions in procuring these.  The most powerful weapon of peace is right in our pockets, purses, or at the bottom of our dresser drawers.  It is the Rosary.  Use it, pray it, and let peace be spread one soul at a time.