October 18, 2020

Anyone passing by our church will undoubtedly see the ‘Cemetery of Innocents’ erected by those concerned and dedicated to the cause of Pro-Life.  The white crosses represent in some small fashion the millions of infants aborted since abortion became legal.  As statistics acknowledge—4,000 babies are sacrificed each day to the power of choice.

When we look at how long issues such as abortion and euthanasia have persisted, the cheapness of human life they promote, and the consequences of such actions in our society, it’s easy to ask ourselves “what good will putting up crosses do?  We do all these things for Pro-Life and we never seem to make any headway.  Why bother?

It is our persistent prayers and efforts on behalf of human life will bear fruit.  God only knows how any hearts are converted by just seeing displays such as the Cemetery of Innocents as well as posters and billboards on behalf of human life.  If even 1 life is spared; if one person contemplating abortion or euthanasia changes his or her mind because of our prayer and effort, it’s worth it.

We thank those parishioners on behalf of pro-life, and especially the Knights of Columbus Our Lady of Charity Council who were a great help in the planning and erection of our display.

May God bless your efforts on behalf of those who are unable to speak for themselves!