October 23, 2022

Each fourth Sunday of October, the Church asks us to remember, pray for and support the missionaries in foreign lands. These faraway places are often remote, primitive, and crippled by poverty. Yet many men and women are filled with zeal and love for God and His people and offer their talents in service to make God known and loved among the people they serve.

This is a special vocation that God calls one to follow, and we owe them our support and prayers.  I'm sure that many of you remember the Mission Rosary where every decade was a different color that represented a different continent of the world. Each continent has mission lands within its boundaries which is supported by bands of vowed religious and lay people who labor at spreading the Gospel message and lifting those who are natives of these territories to a better standard of living. Here at Assumption we lend support to the Diocese of Henche in Haiti not only financially but also through Project ESPWA that provides clothing for infants, medical supplies and clean drinking water projects as well as the raising of goats in other areas of this destitute country. I would like to offer my thanks for all the good our fellow parishioners have accomplished there and still continue to accomplish from afar through the Lenten almsgiving and Project ESPWA.

Sixty years ago at the Second Vatican Council, the Church defined herself as missionary by nature. We are the Church, and so we activate that call to mission each time we work, support and pray for the missions whether they be here in the United States, Haiti, China or Africa. Let us keep our efforts strong so that many people may be lifted up and come to know and experience God's love for them.