October 25, 2020

The National Federation of Priests’ Councils has set today, October 25, 2020 as National Priesthood Sunday.  This celebration creates an opportunity for us as a Catholic community to offer prayer and support for the gift of priesthood and the generous men who serve the Church.  National Priesthood Sunday is a moment to celebrate priesthood and promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

We the priests here at Assumption Parish would like to thank you for all the generosity you manifest to us on a regular basis.  Our hearts are often touched by the affection we receive.  All of you hold a special place in our hearts and we feel honored to serve as your priests.

If we were to ask anything further of you on this special day, it would be for your continued prayers, cooperation and support.  Pray for the grace for us to live up to the high calling to which God invited us when he gifted us with his priesthood.  At the Abbey, there are several seminarians in the course of study in preparation for ordination.  Please remember these young men in your prayers so that they may persevere on their journey of serving God and His people as Benedictine priests.

One last import note: if you son or daughter feel themselves called to the priesthood or religious life, by all means foster this call by supporting them.  We want the sacraments to be available to us when we need them but; sadly enough, we discourage those with vocations.  Remember: the vocations you foster and support today will benefit us tomorrow.

Because November 1stAll Saints’ Day falls on Sunday this year, Mass will be celebrated on the usual Sunday schedule.  Monday is All Souls’ Day where we pray for the Faithful Departed.  We will celebrate Masses at the usual times: 6:30am, 8:30am and 7:00pm.  On Saturday, November 7th, we will celebrate a special Mass for the Dead at 11:00am.  All are most cordially invited to come and pray for our beloved dead.