October 3, 2021

This past Tuesday, we laid to rest Bishop Anthony M. Pilla, the Bishop of Cleveland for 26 years who led us after the pattern of Christ, the Good Shepherd with his gentle, soft spoken style. He was beloved by many groups of people in Cleveland a city Bishop Pilla held close to his heart. Doing his best to maintain a Catholic presence in inner city neighborhoods, he established parish partnerships. This was where Human Care and our support of ministries such as the Thea Bowman Center got its start and continues to this day. Bishop Pilla also appointed Fr. David Viszoly, Christopher Schwartz and me as pastors of Assumption Parish was shared several celebrations with us, most notably the dedication of our Family Center 30 years ago, and the 125th and 140 anniversaries of our parish’s establishment. 

We thank God for the gift of Bishop Pilla and pray that he is rewarded greatly for his work as shepherd in Christ’s vineyard here on earth. 

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all those who participated in the Stewardship Appeal these last couple of weeks. God has certainly been good to us in so many ways, thank you for being willing to give back. When we throw a few crumbs, it always comes back as a loaf. 

As October is Respect Life Month and today is Respect Life Sunday, let us always remember that life is sacred from conception to natural death. God sees all life as sacred because humanity is made in his own image and likeness, even those who sadly do not live up to this. May we learn to see others as God sees us and respect God’s gift of life defending those especially who cannot speak for themselves.