October 4, 2020

October is traditionally the Month of the Holy Rosary, a most efficacious devotion in the life of the Church.  Many graces come to those who make use of this form of Prayer that brings to our hearts the various events in the life of Jesus and his Mother Mary.  Here at Assumption, this devotion is held every morning following the 8:30am Mass, on Sunday mornings after the 9:30am Mass.

Each time our Lady appeared, she requested that we pray the Rosary for peace in the world and for the conversion of sinners.  We would do well to honor her requests and pray the rosary for these intentions.  I would also like those who pray the Rosary publicly here at Assumption to add the intention of our children who are preparing to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist as well as Confirmation.  These are watershed moments spiritually speaking in the lives of our young people.  Please pray that they make full use of the graces they will receive in these sacraments.  Thank you for your solitude and cooperation.