September 11, 2022

For the past 21 years, the date of September 11th has been indelibly etched in our minds and hearts.  What started as a normal Tuesday turned into a cataclysm for thousands of families and the nation as a whole.  As a nation, we mobilized in a show of patriotism as never seen since the Second World War.  Troops were sent to Afghanistan to root out the source of the attacks.  Our awareness reached new heights that we experience each time we go to an airport or obtain a passport.

While this brought us together as a people as most crises do, I do see a difference as the years progressed.  When 9/11 first arrived with its horror and dangers, there were always people in church, Masses were better attended; people as a whole were more devout.  There wasn’t a day that went by that I failed to see someone going into church to offer a prayer or light a candle in petition for God’s help.

It seems that we have grown lax in this regard.  Not only is the church empty during the day, but Mass attendance is down.  Sometimes it is as if we’ve given up on God’s intervention in this situation.  Let us be careful not to fall into this trap.  As we observe the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our soil, much money has been spent, and thousands of our young men and women have given their lives for the war on terror, and there is no end in sight.  Maybe what we’re failing to realize is that for war to really end, there has to be a change of heart—CONVERSION.  Only God can accomplish this.  To make this happen we need prayer and penance as Our Lady tells us time and again.  So take the time and say a Rosary.  Come to Mass during the week.  If your attendance at Sunday Mass or moral life is sloppy, clean it up and make the extra effort for the conversion of sinners.  The most effective war on terror is not with weapons, but with prayer and sacrifice.

Please join us in welcoming the community of St. Andrew Abbey as we celebrate 100 years in Cleveland with a Pontifical Mass celebrated by Bishop Malesic at 3:00pm. 
All are welcome to celebrate with us.

After the Mass is a dinner at the Embassy Suites in Independence which is by ticket only.  Reservations can be made on line or by contacting the Abbey.  Please see the details below.