September 19, 2021

Today it is my special joy to welcome you to our Parish Appreciation Cookout from 3-7:00 p.m.  For the past year and a half, we have been unable to gather as a community to enjoy one another’s company due to the pandemic.  Now that things are more open, I thought it a good idea to provide an opportunity for us to get together and for Assumption parish to show its appreciation for the support and cooperation you gave during these trying times. 

When church became locked down, I wondered what the future would bring, how long this would last… all sorts of questions.  I can remember how humbled I was when a parishioner handed me his envelope and said, “Father, I know that you need this because money will not come in as it has in the past. I know that you need this to keep the church going.” From the goodness of God, he was not the only one. A great number of you have been most generous with your resources.  God provided our parish with what we needed through your generosity.  I am most grateful for your kindness and love for Assumption. 

May God reward you by blessing your homes and families with good health, peace and joy.  See you at the picnic!