September 25, 2022

 its monthly meeting, the discernment of officers for the Parish Pastoral Council took place. We congratulate the following parishioners who accepted the following duties: 

 Maria Fodor  Chair
 Jackie MontAlto Co-Chair
 Tim Byrne Secretary
 Pat Kennedy Prayer Leader 

In addition to these officers there are 6 liaisons to the various commissions of the parish under which all the organizations of Assumption are based. Those who will serve as the liaison are:

 Donna Klein Spiritual Life Commission 
 Greg Schneider Worship Commission
 Craig Nirosky Evangelization Commission 
 Betty Ziegler Social Concerns Commission 
 Al Pytel Finance Commission 

These will bring to the Pastoral Council any service, activities, needs or concerns of the groups under the umbrella of each of these commissions, by maintaining contact with the heads of each of these organizations. This effort serves to unify the parish and all that takes place under its auspices. We sincerely thank all those who have come forward to serve on the Pastoral Council and wish them God’s blessings as they assume their new responsibilities. I would like to sincerely thank all those who helped to make the 100th Anniversary Mass for St. Andrew Abbey a success and a truly memorable occasion. From the acolytes to the music ministry, all put forth their best efforts to make this Mass special. Everyone had positive remarks to offer. The monks of St. Andrew Abby also thank you from the bottom of their hearts for making a beautiful Mass for 
them. Hats off for a job well done!