September 4, 2022

As August turns into September, our thoughts turn to Labor Day and the end of summer.  It seems to go all too fast.  Even the children going back to school noticed how quickly the time has gone.  Are they growing older and wiser?  Only the good Lord knows.  We welcome all of the students returning to St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy and especially the students attending our school for the first time from other schools.  May this coming year bring the grace of the Holy Spirit to guide them in their educational pursuits.

Traditionally, Labor Day marks the end of the summer season and the beginning of a more hectic pace of life. I sure hope that you availed yourselves of the extra time that summer afforded for prayer and recollection, as well as relaxation. While we celebrate the work we do with Labor Day, we do so by relaxing and enjoying one another as family.
Our work carries a dignity because we share in God’s creative power by means of it.  All work is important for God has made all of us dependent on each other’s work for the world to run smoothly and God’s kingdom to be made visible.  As God’s human instrument, we need refreshment because of our limitations, and it is prayer and relaxation that provide this.  We have to search for a balance between work, prayer, and recreation.  At times this is a life-long effort, but for those who persevere in achieving this balance, the results are rewarding.

I wish all of you a very happy, safe, and blessed holiday weekend.  May God bless you for the work you do on behalf of your families and your parish.