Liturgy Committee Ministry Corner

The Liturgy Committee is led by Father Justin Dyrwal, Music Director David Bird and ten parishioners.

While many components of our Catholic Mass are expected and set, such as the readings, the Profession of Faith, and the Eucharistic Prayer, many aspects are open for interpretation and recommendation, like the hymns sung each weekend and the specific ways our parish community celebrates seasons, approaches feast days, sacraments and special events.

These “extra touches” are the work of the Liturgy Committee, a ministry comprised of ten lay members who assist in the planning of liturgies celebrated throughout the year. Members work in conjunction with Father Justin Dyrwal and Music Director David Bird and meet at 9:30 a.m. the second Saturday of each month in the Fellowship Room.

“The Liturgy Committee seeks to enhance our experience of Sunday liturgy,” Father Justin said. “We have records of what we did in the past and members prepare for each meeting and come with suggestions for future liturgies.”

One recent example of the work of the Liturgy Committee was the Lenten Learning Series Booklets, an initiative introduced by Member Kathy Kulbago, that served as a prayerful reflection tool throughout the 40 days of Lent. Other examples include the Corpus Christi Procession, the weekly written Prayers of the Faithful and the Children’s Palm Procession, suggested by longtime Liturgy Committee Member Colleen Radak. Their work extends beyond the church service to also include fellowship events like the Monthly Breakfast Socials.

“We are trying to represent the people and we support what Fathers wants in terms of ‘extra things,’” Radak said. “We look for those special things that will touch people. We think of how we can do things to reach out to people and build that connection.”

Varying opinions are the “secret ingredient” that make the Liturgy Committee successful in its endeavors, as each member brings unique ideas and thoughts to each meeting. Meetings can last for hours as members engage in lively discussion and dialogue.

Liturgy, which literally means “work of the people,” describes all the acts of worship that take place and work to deepen our relationship with Christ. Some outlets describe liturgy as the “public face or shop front of the Church,” through which people engage with the faith, encounter God and unite with members of their worship community.

This longtime Assumption ministry has existed for more than 30 years, members said.

“The Liturgy Committee previews and selects music for each weekend liturgy and plans the liturgies for special events and holy days like the Easter Vigil, Confirmation, First Communion, Corpus Christi, the Feast of the Assumption, and more,” said Member Robert Brownfield, who teaches junior high at Assumption Academy. “The committee also assists with brainstorming and planning for seasonal initiatives like the Lenten speaker series and Advent faith opportunities. The committee works closely with the parish choir, the school, and the parish staff in order to ensure a high-quality worship experience for all parishioners.”

Meetings begin with prayer and breakfast, followed by a prepared agenda with minutes taken, Father Justin noted. Members work a couple months out and take the church year in blocks.

“The liturgy encompasses a certain set of rubrics and mechanics in how it is celebrated, but then there’s the creative side which we can adapt and do things with,” Father Justin explained.

New members are always encouraged to join, with great value placed on new ideas and interpretations. To learn more, contact the Rectory at (440) 526-1177.