Angel Scholarship Fund

Support Catholic Education Through Ohio Tax Credits

The state of Ohio now offers a program where tax payers can receive a 100% tax credit when they contribute up to $750 (or $1,500 if filing jointly) to the Angel Scholarship Fund.  This is NOT a tax deduction; it is an actual tax CREDIT! 

The Angel Scholarship Fund allows participants to contribute funds that will be used to provide tuition assistance for students to attend our Catholic schools (donors may direct their dollars to any Catholic school in the Diocese of Cleveland), and will in return receive a 100% Ohio income tax credit of up to $750 against their 2022 state tax liability. In other words, the state of Ohio allows you to "spend" some of the state income taxes that must paid anyway to provide tuition assistance for students seeking an education in our Catholic schools. The Angel Scholarship Fund is a win-win-win for taxpayer donors, scholarship recipients, and our school. 

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