Weekly Religious Education Notes

April 14, 2024

This week, our second-graders, along with a parent, will be participating in Jesus Day, their retreat in preparation for their First Communion on April 27th.  They will be taking a tour of the church and playing Bingo to reinforce all of the holy objects found in the church.  They will be reading stories about the Eucharist and watching a video about Blessed Imelda Lambertini, the patroness of First Communicants.  The children will make a beautiful Monstrance to remind them that Jesus is fully present in the Eucharist.  Families will practice how to correctly and reverently receive the Eucharist, and will make the banners that will adorn the pews on their First Communion day. 

There is so much excitement about First Communion and everything that goes with it.  It is also such an exciting day for me.  I simply love the children's enthusiasm and joy in receiving Jesus for the first time.  As they work through the activities of Jesus Day, the anticipation keeps growing.  They know their First Communion is only a week away!

How many of us have that anticipation and joy knowing that we will receive Jesus at Mass?  Think back to your own First Communion and the excitement and joy that you felt.  Do you still anticipate Jesus coming to you every Mass?  As our children take this step in growing in God, may we pray for them and their parents as they take this important step in their faith journey, and that they continue to grow in God's love as we all have. 

Ms. Mary Zabrecky, Director of Religious Education