Weekly Religious Education Notes

July 14, 2024

I'm sure that you have all heard that the 2024 Summer Olympics are coming soon to Paris.  We have seen the athletes preparing for their events.  We have seen the Olympic trials on TV and are rooting for our favorite athletes and for our country.  The iconic Olympic torch has been traveling since April 16 and is making its way to Paris.

It's interesting to see how much we know about the Olympic Games and their traditions.  But did you know that there is another major event beginning on July 17?  The Catholic Church is holding its 10th Eucharistic Congress.  Since May 18, there have been four different Eucharistic Processions taking place.  These Eucharistic processions will have gone through 27 states and 67 dioceses (the closest processed through the Diocese of Columbus two weeks ago) by the time they converge in Indianapolis on July 16. 

While the path of the Olympic torch is truly special, shouldn't the route traveled by the Body of Christ be even more special?  Shouldn't we be more aware of where Christ is in our world and show Him the reverence and adoration that we show willingly to the athletes that compete at the Olympics (or baseball players, football players, etc...)?

As the Eucharistic Congress begins in Indianapolis this week, may our prayers be united with those participants.  May we pray for a strengthened Church, one united in and through our Eucharistic Lord. 

Please keep our children and volunteers in your prayers this week as we gather for our annual Vacation Bible School.  We can't wait to show you all the fun we had!

Ms. Mary Zabrecky, Director of Religious Education