Life and death are partners.  At some point, all of us will face death.  To lose a loved one through death always causes changes for us and for our lives.  Life is about change.  Sometimes it is painful.  Sometimes it is beautiful.  Many times it can be both.  Because of our relationship to Christ, new life comes through death.


When you experience a death in your family, you may want to call the priest at the parish of the loved one who has passed away.  He will offer prayers for the salvation of the deceased, as well as for the consolation of the family.  Then you will need to contact the funeral home of your choice, who will work directly with the church to make arrangements for Mass.

A family member or funeral director should contact the rectory before any death notices are published.

Masses are typically scheduled Monday through Saturday at 10:00am.  Special arrangements can be made to meet unusual circumstances.  There are NO funeral Masses during Holy Week or on Holy Days of obligation. (One exception: during Holy Week you may have a service including Liturgy of the Word and final commendations.  A Memorial Mass may be celebrated at a later time.)

Ordinarily one of the parish priests will celebrate the funeral Mass.  A priest relative may also be chosen to celebrate and/or give the homily.  Other priests are always welcome to concelebrate.

The parish is primarily responsible for scheduling and planning the liturgy which includes such things as the scripture readings, selection of music and designation of readers.  A parish representative (priest, music director, etc.) will schedule a meeting either in person or by phone to assist family members in the selection of readings and hymns.  All music must be liturgically appropriate.

Musicians and/or soloists will be provided by the music ministry of Assumption Parish.  Outside musicians must be discussed with the music director first.

All stipends for the funeral are paid through the funeral home.

Stipends for a “Memorial Mass” should be paid directly to the Church of the Assumption.  The usual stipend is $250 for a Memorial Mass.

This is just a summary of basic information.  A more detailed guideline will be provided by parish staff when planning the funeral Mass.