The Assumption Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) ministry provides students with the opportunity for spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional growth through participation in sports.

A variety of CYO sports are offered to Academy students and those enrolled in the PSR program. CYO sports offerings vary by grade level, gender and season and include cheerleading, cross country, flag and tackle football, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, and track. Practices are typically held twice a week with games/matches on weekends. Coaches, garnered from the local school and church community, must complete a mandatory diocesan training program and be present for scheduled meetings. Coaching is a volunteer position. Parents of registered CYO participants also attend a meeting to learn about the upcoming season.

Participation in Assumption CYO is extremely popular amongst students, and at one time, roughly half of the student body participated in a CYO sport, said Suzie Knotek, who runs the Assumption CYO program with her husband, Gerry. Together, they perform CYO registration, organizing of teams, ordering of uniforms, fundraising, and other tasks that keep the program vibrant at the Academy and amongst PSR families.

“The No. 1 reason our students say they want to do CYO is to be with their friends and have fun,” Suzie said. “Practices and games begin and end with prayer and there is required participation, meaning no student can be benched. Everybody plays and participates. It’s also a really nice way for parents to make friends. Everybody is getting a Christian sports experience.”

To learn more about Assumption CYO, email [email protected]